Atlanta Content Writing

If you have a website, you know the importance of content. But content is just more than words filling up web pages. Content is the heartbeat of your website. It’s the foundation for keywords and links, and is crawled by search engines and heavily weighed upon for website rankings.

The Perfect Storm

SEO content is a creation. It’s a formulation of the proper amount of words, placed on a sufficient amount of pages. Targeted keywords are placed within an appropriate balance, along with an abundance of internal links surging through the Website.

These “words” must make up fresh, original content that provides useful and relevant content for your website. Once this formulation has been perfected, it becomes what Search Engine thirsts for, creating a surge of your website rankings and Profits.

Internal Links

SEO content writing naturally generates link opportunities through out your site. Your website should internally link fluidly from page to page. This is a major factor of on page SEO. Search engines greatly value the number of internal links a site has.

Atlanta Customer Relations

Content writing isn’t just important for search engines. It’s also used to convince your customers what you have to offer is just what they’re looking for. It’s a tool for building a relationship between you and your potential customers. Whether it’s information, a product, or a service, they need to feel your business is safe and trustworthy.

Conversion - Atlanta SEO Content Writing

You have 2.8 seconds to get an internet users attention. Within that time, they’ll decide whether your site is what they’re looking for or if they need to go back and look at other sites.

Because most internet users are looking for information quickly, your keywords should be included in the first few sentences. It may be a definition, an explanation, or a description. Whatever it is, it should easily catch the eye.

Also, content should be set up in an easy to scan manner. Headings that include keywords should separate the material instead of having several long paragraphs.

Make sure your information is correct and well written. After all, visitors come to your site because you have are more knowledgeable on a particular subject.

E-commerce Content

SEO content writing is vital to the success of an e-commerce site. The use of unoriginal, user generated content used to describe products does not rank well in search engines. To avoid the stale content rut that leaves e-commerce websites lost in the pages of Google, every product should have an original description. Depending on the amount of inventory on an e-commerce site, this task can be extremely time consuming and is often overlooked.

The Importance of E-commerce Keywords

E-commerce sites can have hundreds of keywords or phrase combinations to cover any one category. Managing the various phrases as well as tracking which keywords bring in customers can be quite difficult for a website owner.

Our content writers will find your site’s targeted keywords. Not only will search engines rank your site higher, but you’ll drive qualified traffic to your site, resulting in an increase of sales.

Atlanta SEO Content – Key Components

A wise man once said, “Hard writing makes easy reading. Easy writing makes hard reading.” - William Zinsser, American writer, editor and teacher.

This couldn’t be truer for SEO content writing. According to your visitors, the content on your pages will make or break the value of your website. Here a few things to keep in mind before adding content to your site.

  • Have the right concept development strategy. Your website content will influence the popularity and profitability of your website.
  • All of your SEO content should be thoroughly researched, giving your readers the most accurate information available.
  • All of your content should be grammatically correct. No matter how nice your site looks or how great your information is, there are some people who will not buy from you or subscribe to your blog because of one mistake in your content.
  • Your SEO content should be conversational and should flow well for the reader. Sometimes SEO content writers make the mistake of keyword stuffing content. This can result in content that reads awkwardly for your website visitors. High quality SEO content should be friendly, positive, and consistent in style with strategically placed keywords.
  • You should always keep your visitor’s priority in mind. You should know why they are coming to your site and the best way to give them the information, product, or service they want.
  • A great headline goes a long way in the cyber world, where internet users decide what they like or don’t like in a split second. It’s what grabs your visitor’s attention and keeps them reading.
  • Get to the point and express your opinions in a way that is fun and stimulating for your readers.

Atlanta Content Writing Service

Even for the most knowledgeable webmasters, writing content can be a daunting task.

Using the services of our Atlanta SEO content writers, you will greatly increase you website’s success. You can count on your website’s content to be original content, keyword rich content, and something your visitors will want to read.

Not only will search engines give material written by SEO content writers a better ranking, but you can also increase your traffic by offering information to other website owners in exchange for hyperlinks to your website.

Atlanta SEO Elite offers SEO copy writing services to optimize your website, E-Commerce Websiteem>, articles, or blogs.

Your organic search engine rankings will increase with our effectively written, on page content. Our writers can infuse your existing content with keywords and links or write original content for your website that will engage your readers.

Atlanta Content Writing and Development Services Include:
  • Website content writing
  • SEO article writing
  • Press releases
  • Landing pages
  • Blog posts
  • Social networking

All content writing is:

  • Well researched
  • Relevant keywords
  • Uniquely written
  • Keyword rich
  • Reader engaging

You’ll be completely satisfied with the results your new or infused content will have on your website.

Create a surge in your rankings today with our custom SEO content writing services.