Seo Prices

Every project is different. Some websites will have lots of links and only need onsite changes and optimisations to improve SEO performance. Others will have no links whatsoever and will need a strategy and implementation created from scratch. Since every project is different there are no hard and fast SEO package prices. Instead we offer a simple, transparent price structure.

We are a small company with one senior SEO consultant and 1 content writer / link builder. Anthony handles all client consultancy, strategy and in-depth analysis meeting with clients to determine where they are and what they need. Our pricing structure is $250 per day.

A professional SEO can achieve a lot in a day so a small website might only need 1 day of analysis and link building. Contact us for a quick estimate.

Most website owners spend more on building their site than they do on SEO. Without SEO, your site can’t compete against the hundreds of thousands of sites going after the same keywords.

In order to have a successfully ranking website with high level traffic, you should expect to spend four to five times the amount of money you spent building your site per year on an Atlanta SEO campaign. A visually pleasing and well functioning website is important, but no matter how pretty your site is, without qualified traffic, it’s nothing! No traffic equals - no return on your investment.